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A Sunday at Union Market

The Union Market. By Lila Chafe

WASHINGTON– Tucked behind Galludet University in Northeast DC lies Union Market, a sprawling, freshly renovated gourmet food hall, office space and pop-up heaven.

The Market is open Tuesday through Sunday, with the weekend being the busiest. Attendees range between tiny toddlers and senior citizens, but if one looks around they will see that the average customer is a millennial-looking DC resident. There are also lots of families, couples and small friend groups.

Food options span across states, countries and continents: Arepa Zone represents Venezuela, Toli Moli brings Burma to the table and Cucina Al Volo introduces Italy.

The market also houses Salt and Sundry, a boutique lifestyle shop, and the Angelika pop-up, a multi screen cinema hosting movie events year-round.

With this multitude of options for food and drink, and the occasional shopping or entertainment opportunity, it’s no wonder that Union Market has become one of the most popular buildings in downtown DC.


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