Home News As College Application Due Dates Loom, So Do Concerns About Student Loans

As College Application Due Dates Loom, So Do Concerns About Student Loans

Photo by Sarah McKinzie.

By Leila Faraday

SILVER SPRING, Md.– Seniors all over the country are busy applying to college and making choices for their top schools, and factoring in the cost is one of their number one priorities. 

Student loans and tuition costs skyrocketed over time in the United States.

According to NBC News, about 1 out of every 5 (or 44 million adult) Americans carry student debt with them.

“My parents are going to be helping me a lot with my tuition for college,” says a senior at Atholton High School in Howard County. “They have been saving since before I was even born.”

Many parents create college funds for their children, hoping to put aside at least a fraction of what will be needed for their child’s tuition.

Countless students know that the cost of university is not something that their family can cover on their own, and they look hopefully towards scholarships.

“I’m aiming to get as many scholarships as possible,” remarks a senior at Montgomery Blair High School in Montgomery County who knows she will have to cover this cost independently.

Other students have taken a different approach and decided pursue cheaper higher education options, like community college.

This route can allow students to get a good education close to home and at a fraction of the cost.

Many can later switch into a four year school when they feel ready.

A senior at Springbrook High School noted that his family simply couldn’t afford to pay for out of state boarding and tuition right out of high school. 

“I decided that it’s best if I take the Montgomery College route due to my financial status,” he said. “I will be attending for two years in order to afford the cost of attending a university afterwards.”

No matter what approach they are taking, the seniors here are determined to continue their education without letting tuition costs or the looming student loans stop them.


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