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Cirque Du Soleil’s Luzia is in town


Tysons Corner, Va.– Luzia, a vibrant Cirque du Soleil celebration of Mexican culture, has its tents pitched in Tysons Corner until June 17.

Tickets for the two-hour show packed with extreme talent and impressive sets, costumes and lighting design start at $39 per person.

Cirque Du Soleil is one of the most prominent circuses in the world. Luzia is a combination of “luz,” meaning “light,” and “lluvia,” meaning “rain.” The performers flip through hoops, balance high on top of canes and sing traditional Mexican songs, all in costumes handmade by designers in Montreal, Canada. 

Famous for its high quality productions, Cirque du Soleil made headlines recently when an aerial artist took a fatal fall midway through their “Volta” show. After the tragedy, Cirque reevaluated its safety policy, adding belays and safety ropes.

Even with new precautions in place, it’s hard not to gasp when the artists flip between swinging platforms, just barely reaching the edge each time.

Luzia has endless highlights from start to finish.

It opens with a beautiful Day of the Dead-themed celebration. Acrobats run and flip on a huge treadmill, soaring up in the air before flipping through the small hoops.

To explore the Mexican culture, they have an entire scene devoted to the beauty of their desserts. The stage is filled with tall cacti and a large projection of bugs on the Aztec sundial suspended on the back of the tent.

Women in yellow dresses covered in bug prints spin within large hoops, called cyr wheels, spiraling around the stage, just barely staying up. Above them, an acrobat is swinging through the crowds on a dance trapeze. The amazed gasps coming from all sections of the audience continue.

Arguably, one of the most creative elements of the show is their oasis scene. An enchanting opera singer comes out just as rain begins to pour down from the big top poles. The stage is drenched, and the rain continues.

Although it feels that your eyes are tricking you, they’re not. Falling images cascade down through the waterfall, projected for a split second onto the rain. The singer’s voice echoes through the tent and the audience is enthralled.

Before intermission, a “Papel Picado” cylinder lowers onto the stage so that they can seamlessly transition from scene to scene. Cacti clowns jump around as Chinese pole artists drop, almost hitting the stage from daunting heights.

The show ends with a bang, and the performers bow to their standing ovation.

If you’re interested in witnessing the magic of cirque, click here to buy tickets.



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