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Could Larry Hogan Be The 2020 Contender Moderate Republicans Are Looking For?


By Dana Graham

SILVER SPRING, Md.– America’s second-most popular governor Larry Hogan (R-Md) is hinting at a potential challenger to President Trump in the 2020 election.

In his January inaugural speech, Hogan promised “bipartisan, commonsense solutions” for problems and condemned the “debilitating politics” of Washington. He also alluded to his father, a former House Republican who was the first in the party to call for President Nixon’s impeachment.

Hogan’s tirade against partisan politics is nothing new. It was this nonpartisan rhetoric that helped the Republican win the deep blue state in both 2014 and 2018, becoming the first Republican to do so in over 60 years.

However, the governor’s recent actions have begun to fuel speculation that he’s planning on challenging the president for the Republican nomination as the party splits itself between “Never Trump” Republicans and supporters of the president.

Though Hogan aides have previously denied that the governor intends to run, Hogan has a trip to Iowa scheduled for March and has alluded to plans to travel to New Hampshire in the near future. Iowa and New Hampshire are the first two states to conduct primary elections during the presidential campaign season.

Hogan has also become more vocal about national politics, which is something that he stayed silent on during his first term.

If Hogan decides to run, he could become a formidable opponent for the current president, and could potentially cause an upset in what is normally a simple decision. The first and last time that an elected president did not receive his party’s nomination was in 1852.

The governor’s office could not be reached for comment.


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