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Does Adam Levine Really Have The Moves Like Jagger?


By Maddie Martin and Liv Dussere

Silver Spring, MD.– America is buzzing about Maroon 5 headlining the not-so-Super Bowl LIII halftime show on Sunday.

Coupled with Grammy-nominated rapper Travis Scott and Big Boi, this halftime show was at least more exciting than the game– I guess?

The vocals of Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine were easily overshadowed by the lead singer of a gospel choir that briefly appeared, even though they never said any distinguishable words, while Levine swayed and stumbled around like a sick baby giraffe next to Big Boi and Travis Scott.

“All I wanted were some moves like Jagger. And I didn’t get them,” said Super bowl-watcher Stephanie Hartman.

The terrible sound quality on those mics combined with the live singing was as if Levine were singing to us from twenty thousand leagues under the sea.

These three artists had a lot to live up to.

Past Super Bowl halftime events include Madonna, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, and the Rolling Stones. The Super Bowl halftime show is watched by over 113 million people every year.

“Levine just couldn’t compare with Lady Gaga coming down from the ceiling and catching a football while jumping off the stage in high heels,” said Super Bowl fan Audrey Martin.

“The second Adam Levine stopped singing, I instantly forgot it ever happened and that’s a very difficult thing to achieve,” added viewer Alicia Coleman.

Maroon 5 may perform amazingly in the world of recorded music, having won three grammy Awards and sold over 53 million albums, but TV viewers were not impressed by their stripping shenanigans and over-dramatic effects.

Overall, the fact that there was fire onstage does not mean that the performance was fire.


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