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From School To The Street: How MoCo Is Dressing Up For Halloween


By Mollie Block and Isabel Corvington

SILVER SPRING, Md.– Kids and adults alike showed their Halloween spirit this year, wearing their costumes both to school and for trick or treat. Take a look at what kids across MoCo wore in 2019!

Teachers can have fun too! Tenth grade CAP English teacher Ms. Fillman shows her class what her costume is all about by breaking out some jazzercise moves. 

Senior Manny usually doesn’t dress up for Halloween but he says, “this is actually my first year dressing up for Halloween…I’m a senior so I just kind of wanted to go out for my last year.”

Who says you need a big budget and a fancy wardrobe for halloween? Sophomore Ariana came to school dressed as a college student, staying in the holiday spirit and comfy! 

Dressing up for Halloween is nothing new for Junior Lilly. Decked out in her Buffy the Vampire Slayer Costume the rainy forecast turned her away from trick or treating this year. 

Sophomore Kiah Beachler did not ignore halloween just because her team won the World Series. She dressed up as a Nats loving bug.

Sophomore Celia’s costume was inspired by a picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “It’s funny because this is something I would usually wear,” she says regarding her simple outfit.

Halloween gives students at Blair a chance to get creative. Sophomores Audrey and Sonia dressed up as fellow Sophomore Luke who dressed up as Eminem. Audrey and Sonia are indistinguishable from their friend, sporting his classic Bills hat and black hoodie. 

Junior Allison confidently rocks her clown costume, not deterred by the fact that she is one of the few people in her seventh period who dressed up. 

Sometimes an old school costume is the trick! Sophomore Oona’s simple white ghost costume might not be as complicated as others, but sure is spooky!

10 year-old Chloe has had her halloween costume picked out for months. This year she decided to go as a witch, excited to collect lots of candy. 

Cats may not like candy, but for 6 year old Lilly (left) her favorite part of Halloween has got to be all of the sweet treats she receives. 

Halloween can be a family affair! For the Gefgen family they, “aspire for a family costume.” This year they were able to pull if off as some of their favorite Sesame Street characters. 

Trick or Treating isn’t for everyone. For the family handing out candy is a great way to see the other costumes in the neighborhood. 

8-year-old Nina loves getting together her halloween costume, and the make-up to match. This year she decided on Frankestein’s bride.


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