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Looking back on the Imagination Stage Teen Council’s first year

The Teen Council Halloween party in October 2017 (photo by Emily Veno)
Teen Council leaders Yardley Borten and Shelby Levine (photo by Emily Veno)

BETHESDA, Md.– Imagination Stage’s Teen Council, a program at the popular local theatre company known for producing kid-friendly plays and musicals, is closing out a strong first season in June.

Imagination Stage prides itself on being one of the most acclaimed arts organizations in the D.C. area that provides camps, classes and educational opportunities for children and teenagers.

The first Imagination Stage Teen Council, a youth arts leadership and education initiative, was founded in mid-September 2017. 

“Teen Council is a group of students with a love of theatre who come together to learn and grow as actors and people,” Shelby Levine, Co-President of the Council, said.

This past year, the Teen Council has succeeded in hosting movie nights, talkbacks (post-show discussion panels with actors), field trips to the theatre and more.

The Halloween Kickoff, one of the events organized by the Teen Council this season (photo by Emily Veno)

The Council’s final event of the season is a farewell cabaret featuring performances from Council members, set for June 15.

“The cabaret is a send-off and gives people something to look forward to next year,” said Levine. 

The Teen Council is holding a cabaret to close out their season at Imagination Stage (photo by Jeremy Rusnock, advert by Shelby Levine)

Earlier this year, members of the Teen Council were given the opportunity to sign up for solo or group performances for the event.

The cabaret pieces will feature a variety of songs, dances and scene work.

“[Cabaret-goers can expect to see] lots of singing and dancing, some fun costumes, Hamilton and lots of smiles,” Yardley Borten, Co-President of the Council, said. “It’s sure to be a fun one!”

Levine, Borten and many other members are already looking past the cabaret to next season with hopes of further expanding the Teen Council.

“We want the Council to grow and engage more and more students,” Borten said. 

Those interested in keeping up with the Teen Council’s work —and seeing highlights from their upcoming cabaret — are encouraged to follow the Council on Instagram @istageteencouncil, join their email list at istageteencouncil@gmail.com and check out their Facebook page at Istage Teen Council. 



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