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Making a Difference: Young musicians in the DMV perform to serve their community

Student Benefit Concert with Apollo Orchestra

BETHESDA, Md.– The rich chorus of strings, light flutter of reeds and grandiose ballad of the piano reverberates off of the walls of the United Korean Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Maryland.

For members of the non-profit organization Young Musicians Inspiring Change (YMIC), these are the familiar sounds of a successful benefit concert.

Founded in 2010, the organization has over 90 members from across the D.C. Metropolitan Area, all of whom are passionate about music and dedicated to giving back to their communities.

“I find it amazing that kids are able to use and channel our talents into leaving a positive impact on our community,” said Joon Bang, the 17-year-old President of YMIC. “YMIC really means a lot to me.”

These young performers host fundraisers, weekly nursing home concerts and seasonal benefit concerts for a myriad of charities throughout the year.

Student performers have often played their instruments for several years and dedicate many hours into learning a large repertoire for these concerts.

“YMIC just strives to make the world a better place,” said 14-year-old board member and violinist, Daniel Hwang. “It’s amazing to see children making a positive impact on the world.”

Charity events and nursing home performances are planned and coordinated by a small student board consisting of about 12 highly involved high school students.

The founder of the organization, Dr. JeongEun Park Kang, is a piano teacher herself and strives to encourage young musicians to perform and better their community. 

Young Musicians Inspiring Change has donated the money generated from different benefit concerts to numerous charitable organizations, including Charity Water, Manna Food Bank, Global Children Foundation, KEEN Greater DC, UNICEF and ACCO.

Young Musicians Inspiring Change has motivated students by giving them a platform to make a difference in their community– one performance at a time.


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