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Montgomery County Council Approves Program To Watch Police Activity


By Charlie Scharnberger

KENSINGTON, Md.- A new program approved unanimously by the Montgomery County Council will set up a civilian committee to keep police activity in check.

The program stems from calls for action after the shooting of an unarmed black man in April of 2019 was ruled as justified.

The bill was proposed by Member Hans Reimer, who was president at the time of the shooting. 

The proposal was for “a commission that, instead of seeking to hold officers accountable for something done wrong, looks at how the whole structure of the organization can do things right,” said Reimer.

Local police officers and unions have had various reactions to the bill, some claiming that all it would do is be a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The new program, known as the Police Advisory Commission, is responsible for proposing new policies and programs to be heard. The commission will have 13 people, one of which must be under 25 and another which must be age 26-35.

Some council members have had concerns, including member Andrew Friedson, who stated he was “concerned about unnecessarily politicizing this commission.”

The Commission will not have direct oversight of the Montgomery County Police Department.


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