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Montgomery Parks Announces Best Sledding Spots


By: Helen Lyons

TAKOMA PARK, Md.— Montgomery Parks announced its best sledding spots in the county this morning, with Avenel and Ayrlawn Local Parks topping the probably-alphabetical list, followed by Damascus Recreational Park (the hillside area near the tennis court parking lot on Kings Valley Road, specifically).

With both schools and OPM closed, adults and children alike are enjoying the snow day, or as some are calling it- the snurlough.

“We want to make sure that our parks are available for recreation no matter what the weather is like,” said Casey Anderson, chair of the Montgomery County Planning Board, the governing body for county parks.

“If we’re going to get hit with a big snowstorm, at least the kids should be able to take advantage of the opportunity for some great sledding. Please be aware that snow can hide hazardous conditions such as rocks, fence posts, etc. The above listed parks have been selected because they are generally free of latent hazards, but there is no guarantee that there is nothing beneath the snow that can cause hazards, so please be careful.”

Below is the full list of Montgomery Parks best sledding hills.

  • Avenel Local Park
  • Ayrlawn Local Park
  • Damascus Recreational Park (hillside near tennis court parking lot on Kings Valley Road)
  • Hillmead Neighborhood Park
  • Long Branch-Wayne Local Park (off of University Blvd.)
  • Norwood Local Park
  • Pilgrim Hills Local Park
  • Sligo Creek Golf Course
  • South Germantown Recreational Park (hill behind Field F and hillside between Mooseum and TennisPlex)
  • Stratton Local Park
  • Tilden Woods Local Park
  • Woodacres Local Park


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