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New Family-Oriented Brewery Opens in Silver Spring


By: Nicholas Layke and Kanayo Duru

SILVER SPRING, Md.– Listen up, beer connoisseurs! A new brewery and taproom has arrived with the grand opening of the Silver Branch Brewing Company over the weekend.

Silver Branch creates and serves an assortment of international beers in-house about a minute’s walk from the Silver Spring Metro station in the heart of the Downtown Silver Spring and founders Christian Layke and Brett Robison claim this brewery stands apart from the rest.

“Silver Branch celebrates the four major beer cultures of the world as being Central Europe, Belgium, Britain and the United States,” says Layke. “Each country has a slightly different beer culture associated with it with different beer styles. We wanted to gather our favorite styles from some of these countries and bring it to Silver Spring.”

A variety of food is offered and scratch sodas are also be available, with options ranging from traditional flavors such as Cola to more natural flavors like Hibiscus.

“This is not a bar,” Robison emphasizes.

Silver Branch Brewing Company was founded and will operate on its primary core value of Gemütlichkeit, a German word which translates to coziness. The brewery will try to incorporate that feeling of warmth and comfort in everything that they provide.

Layke, a father of two boys, has taken pains to ensure the brewery is inclusive for patrons of all ages.

“[While] all the other breweries in Silver Spring are family friendly, I think that we’re perhaps a bit more intentional in that regard than some of the others,” said Layke.

Robison says that Silver Branch is decidedly inclusive rather than exclusive, adding that “inclusive includes families, the biggest beer geeks in the world and somebody who knows nothing about beer and has never tried one.”

The brewery will also help to meet a growing demand for craft beer in the Silver Spring area.

Takoma Park resident Michael Ward is excited about the opening of Silver Branch.

“I don’t think that we have enough breweries in this area of the county,” Ward says. “I’m really excited about the possibility of more options to have craft beers.”

Both Layke and Robison also shared their hopes for the future of their brewery, wanting it to become more than just a place to eat and drink. They hope that it will also be used as a community-gathering location for meeting friends and family and have good fun.

Christian Layke, co-founder of Silver Branch is also the father of writer Nicholas Layke.


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