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Protest in Response to Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man


By Caitlyn Forte and Zoe Nix

SILVER SPRING, Md.– Protesters gathered at Veterans Plaza in a demonstration against the fatal shooting of unarmed 41-year-old Robert White on Tuesday.

Robert White. Photo by FOX 5.

Many are saying that White was possibly suffering from a mental illness or disability of some kind when Anand Badgujar of the Montgomery County Police Department shot him on Monday, June 11 on Three Oaks Drive in Silver Spring.

Citing body-worn camera footage from Officer Badgujar, which has not been released to the public, the Montgomery County Police Department stated in a press release that “as the officer attempted to speak with Mr. White, he became combative and assaulted the officer.”

The investigation regarding the shooting is still ongoing.

“Despite not knowing all the details of what happened before Robert White was killed, I felt it was important to show up and say that his life matters,” said Katherine Kirsch, an attendant of the protest.

About 100 people attended the protest which centralized in the Downtown Silver Spring area.

The DC Organizer for Black Lives Matter speaks at the protest. Photo courtesy of Katherine Kirsch.

Organizational groups including Black Lives Matter helped lead the protest, and made speeches during the event.

“Against the backdrop of a persistent lack of accountability for African American victims of police violence across the country, showing up is the best way to show we want accountability,” said Kirsch.

More information regarding the shooting can be found at http://www.mymcpnews.com/ which will be updated as the investigation continues.  



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