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Santa Baby Holiday Bazaar brings attention to small businesses

Photo by Jamal Williams.

SILVER SPRING, Md.– The Santa Baby Holiday Bazaar gathered together local vendors at Veterans Plaza this past Sunday to raise money for Wings for Joy, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women and children.

“It’s an opportunity for local vendors to get to know the community and for the community to get to know them and build relationships,” said Monda Raquel Webb, board member of Wings for Joy and the event’s organizer. “Local businesses may not have the money major retail stores or corporations do, but this event is a way to reach out and share what they have. They are one of a kind, they help build relationships with customers and are very unique.”

Vendors shopped a variety of wares to visitors of the plaza, including clothing and art. 

Bart Breighner shared some of his African-American art pieces, each one distinct and sophisticated it its own way. He says they tell a story people can relate to.

“I have a wonderful feeling and satisfaction that we have crossed some barriers with the African American community,” said Breighner.

Photo by Jamal Williams.

One of the goals of the events was a holiday gift drive for families in need.

“We try to help families who are in under served communities,” said Tracy DuPree Davis, founder and executive director of Wings for Joy. “We want these kids and their families to feel that they’re not forgotten.”

Davis has been in charge of the non-profit organization since 2001 and is excited to see how much it’s grown, including in terms of the number of vendors. 

Among them was Brandi Wynn’s Inner Flydom, whose unique bear designs appear on hats, t-shirts and sweaters.

“It’s about creativity, nostalgia and just having fun with clothing,” Wynn explained.

Apart from the vendors, visitors were treated to readings from local writers like Hermond Palmer, author of Echoes From The Quiet That I Keep.

He gave audiences a sample of his poetry, explaining that his inspiration lies in telling stories from his own experiences as an African-American man.

“I try to capture the emotions, whatever I see in the news or in our economy,” Palmer said. “I talk about love, the black experience and even black patriotism being recognized more.”

More information about Wings for Joy can be found here.


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