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Sonic, Microsoft To Release New Consoles In 2020


By: Jamie Rowley

SILVER SPRING, Md.– Tech giants Sony and Microsoft are both expected to drop new consoles in late 2020: the PS5 and the XBOX series X.

These two consoles are loved by blogs, but many consumers aren’t sure about them.

First, let’s talk about the PS5.

Sony has created a new website for the PS5, which leads many to believe this is where official products may be released. We’re still waiting for an official design for the base console and have been temporarily appeased with a haptic based controller and some less than stellar developer kits.

“It’s just gonna be another $500 pain with exclusive games,” predicted hobby gamer Luke Sanelli.

While it seems that many are doubtful about the price and performance, online blogs are having a field day reporting on any new development.

There are many clickbait headlines telling anyone searching for news on the console that a price has been released, or that a new microtransaction will be present in the game. The truth is that little is known about the PS5.

It seems that the reception has been mixed for consumers on the new XBOX as well.

Expectations of a drastic price increase or simply a reuse of hardware are common, as Alex Simpson, another hobby gamer, noted: “Don’t waste your money on the new XBOX.”

The XBOX series X has a website as well as a trailer, and a final design has already been released, although it’s not yet available for purchase. When the new design was released, people made fun of its extremely boxy look. Still, many are looking forward to Hellblade II and Halo Infinite, two exclusive games compatible with the new console.

The publicity around the release of the consoles and their accessories is what Sony and Microsoft need. Both companies have been criticized by the public for unrealistically high costs and excessive exclusivity in their last launches, and they’ve hopefully learned their lessons heading into this year.


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