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Youth Climate Summit Held In Silver Spring


SILVER SPRING, Md.– Local students gathered at the Silver Spring Civic Center Wednesday to participate in a youth-led global climate summit aimed to address the issue of environmental change.

The summit was led, coordinated and created by local high school activists.

Maddie Graham, one of the organizers, said the summit was “a way for high school students to learn about the climate crisis and learn what they can do about it [as well as] learn skills for advocacy.”

Students chose three breakout groups to participate in, toured different climate exhibits and engaged with a panel of youth activists.

One of the experts at the event, Joan Clement, volunteers for biodiversity for livable climate and is working to change USDA policies.

“I wanted to be with the young people, and support them with what they’re doing,” said Clement. “I’m really happy about all the action and the activities that they’re involved in.”

This is the third year the summit has taken place since its start in 2017.

“It’s a lot more youth centered this year,” said Absa Fall, a senior coordinator. “Every year we try to get better with making it more diverse, making it more youth centered.”

The current political polarity was discussed and many thought that the best way to counter the issue was through youth activism.

“The [youth] are the future,” said Clement. “I wanted to make sure that they were aware of this hopeful trend.”


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